Does It Suit You?

Is there a mattress that can be considered the best? We believe it is a matter of preference and finding the mattress that conforms to your taste is most suited to bring comfort to your sleep.


A minimal layer of fibre for a firm feeling.


A box shaped top of premium foam that is stitched to the centre of the mattress for great plush support.


A pillow top that visually resembles that of a cushion resting on the top of a mattress.


A double pillow top, as the name indicates, is a combination of two layers of pillow top cushions working in unison, to deliver luxury and comfort.


A plush top is conventionally several inches of quality foam or latex over the innerspring system to cushion one’s initial plunge into the mattress, after which the resiliency of the innersprings comes into play to provide support.


The plush euro top is conceived through the deliberated addition of an euro top layer over a plush top layer in order to deliver a multi-tiered support that delivers the adequate degree of support depending on how one uses the mattress, be it sitting on the edge or resting sideways.
Are you a mattress manufacturer or just someone engaging an OEM?

We are a mattress manufacturer. We own the factory. We do not ask someone else to do our homework.

Are USA brands and European brands better than the rest?

If Shakespeare were still alive, he would ask what's in a name. Technically, a company can sell goods that were manufactured in Batam, Indonesia for example while securing a trademark in the USA for the brand under which those goods shall be sold. However, using the same example above, those goods can only be touted as products of a USA brand only if those products have a market presence in the USA. Salesmen have been guilty of hyping up a mattress' image beyond its actual value by coating their words with exaggerations aimed to manipulate the consumer. If a brand does not exist substantially in a certain country, that brand is not a brand of that country.

Should I change my mattress often?

It is hard to find a universal reply to this question. A mattress' durability depends not only on the quality of its make but also on the type of care that it receives from its owner. While some would say that ten years is a good gauge as to whether it is time to change one's mattress, we believe that one should only buy a new one when the current one is too damaged, or too soiled, or unable to deliver comfort in one's sleep.

I have been told that some mattress possess wonderful properties like cooling or repelling mosquitoes. Really?

We have come far enough to have technology augment the fabrics we use in mattress to yield certain beneficial features aimed at making sleep better. However please take note that such properties are greatly diminished when the fabrics are irresponsibly soiled. A fabric that is supposedly anti-bacterial would still be unhealthy to sleep on if it is covered in grime.

What is a pocket spring mattress? Why do some come at such a hefty price while others are a bargain?

Pocket spring is the abbreviation for "individual barrel shape pocketed spring". Pocket spring is a type of inner spring system used in many mattresses. There is also another type of inner spring system called the bonnel spring. The bonnel spring system is a component that is cheaper than a pocket spring system to fabricate and to include in a mattress. Certain brands are known to fit bonnel spring coils into mattresses and selling them as pocket spring mattresses. Such a practice is unlikely to be caught as it is highly improbable that a consumer would open up a mattress to inspect its contents. This practice exists for the sake of cutting corners and improving profit margins. We at Dreamworld wish to inform and arm customers with adequate knowledge so that they do not fall prey to misleading salesmanship and dishonest business practices. The spring coils in a pocket spring, as its full name suggests, are shaped like barrels. Also, these barrel shape coils are not joined to each other, so thus they earn the attribute of being "individual". These characteristics are present so that the coils can offer support to the resting body independently and minimize motion disturbance potentially caused by another sleeping partner on the bed. Bonnel spring coils are shaped like a hour glass and are locked together through intertwining helical wires. Hour glass shape bonnel spring coils and barrel shape pocket spring coils do not share the same properties of motion isolation and buoyantly plush support.

What's the best mattress?

The mattress that makes its user comfortable mentally and physically is the best mattress for that particular user. Every individual is unique and require different types of conditions before they can achieve a good night's sleep. Therefore, there is no definite answer.

Everyone is nice to me when they are pitching an item to me. But who is going to look out for me after I have bought a mattress?

Dreamworld is a Singapore brand, manufacturing mattresses in Singapore, with a physical after-sales presence in Singapore. Our care and attention extend beyond the time we have sold the mattress to you. We are ready to respond to any of your needs swiftly.