Here's what we use.

  • Argentum

    Argentum fabric possesses dual functionality of effective moisture absorption and anti-bacterial resistance for a dry and hygienic sleeping environment.

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  • Bamboo

    Bamboo fabric boasts high breathability and ventilation on top of a natural resistance to pests, bacteria, and fungi.  Bamboo fabric can also generate minus ions to positively encourage blood circulation.

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  • Feran Ice

    It's in the name. Feran Ice fabric cools off your body by wicking away your perspiration thanks to its hydrophilic properties. That's one less problem preventing you from achieving a good night's sleep,

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  • Intense

    Intense fabric is designed to draw away static accumulated in one’s body over the course of a hectic day to reduce anxiety, tension, and restlessness.

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  • Thermocool

    Thermocool fabric with its unique composition of hollow threads aids in the dispersal of heat and evaporation of unwanted moisture for consumers residing in humid and tropical regions.

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  • Anti-Acaria

    The protective action of an Anti-Acaria finishing fights off a build up of fungus, bacteria, and house dust mites to keep one's mattress in a hygienic and desirable condition.

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  • Bed Bug Protection

    Bed bugs can disrupt one's sleep significantly with their bites that causes itchiness and swelling. With Deslee Clama's Bed Bug Protection, a finishing that functions as an insecticide proven safe to human being, the mattress ticking resists all insect penetration and nesting of the following types: bed bugs, moths, mosquitoes, carpet beetles, and ticks.

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  • Mosquito Protection

     Mosquito Protection by Deslee Clama is a durable finishing that does not lose its effectiveness over years of washing. A mattress wrapped in fabric treated in Mosquito Protection finishing deters mosquitoes in a tropical setting.

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  • Fire Retardant

    With Fire Retardant mattress fabric treatment, a mattress is capable of maintaining its structural integrity even when exposed to intense heat.

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While anyone can try to make a bed, few can deliver on value.

At Dreamworld, we seek the balance between quality and value by making mattresses that we believe the common man can afford and appreciate.